Mattress sleep for a long time, only to know to add a mattress, sleep immediately different feeling

Mattress sleep for a long time, I just know to add a “mattress”.


Hello everyone, before a friend asked, should learn how to choose a mattress, there is no special requirements for different materials, I believe that many of us are now students because of poor sleep so there is no creative spirit during the day, are thinking of ways to develop such a better sleep environment for themselves, the first thing to do may exist is to choose a comfortable mattress.

Now there are many materials to choose from. I’m sure everyone has seen quite a few, some softer, some harder, and now there are the more popular latex mattresses. So, how should you choose these? In fact, the choice is very simple, first of all, whether the regular manufacturers of qualified products, the mattress is very thick, through the appearance of what materials can not be seen inside, the first material safety and health, you can not buy black cotton mattress.

Determine which qualifies, the rest is to choose the most comfortable, although there is a proverb that the waist is soft, hard on the waist is good, but everyone’s sleep habits are very different, some people like soft, feel comfortable, but there are also the opposite, if there is no doctor’s advice, because the body must choose which, it can be completely in accordance with their own comfort preferences to choose.

Many bedding stores have introduced mattresses to try to sleep. You can also try lying down. Take a picture of yourself sleeping most comfortably. Sometimes the most expensive is not the most comfortable. The only way to know which one is better for you is to lie down.

About the mattress packaging, there will be a layer of plastic film on top, some people think this to tear off and then use, some feel that there is no need, so how should this be done, the correct approach is to lay to bed before tearing off, because the role of this layer of plastic film is to facilitate the transportation of convenient storage, so as not to transport the mattress dirty, but also to avoid the storage of the mattress because of the absorption of moisture and mold, which is not to protect the mattress in use to keep clean, with this layer of plastic film, will affect the softness of the mattress, but also affect the breathability, so you need to take off before use, take off and do not cover what is not breathable on it.

After removing the mattress, we are worried about the dirty problem. It is recommended to lay a thin layer of small mattress, although you can not wipe the mattress so big, but wipe up the effect is not obvious. The best way is to choose a thin mattress or blanket that is easy to clean. The corners of the mattress have elastic bands that can be fixed to the mattress, so that the mattress can be cleaned as a barrier, and if you add a sheet, then the effect will be better.

Dry the mattress regularly, take off the thin blanket and clean it a few times. Mattress use for a long time, there are some mites is also normal, the recommended is more sunshine, if the time is long, it is also recommended to replace the mattress, do not feel no broken do not need to replace, because in use, the material will also slowly aging,, plus sleep habits, always lying in a position, that place will be more sunken, showing the collapse of the look, which needs to change a flat, sleep will also More comfortable some.

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